What are the Stages Involved to Get a Tourist Visa to the USA?

Are you a person who is interested in taking a tour of the United States of America? If so, apply for the visit visa for USA from UAE today. You will get the visa approved within three to fourteen days. The country offers a safe environment, top-notch infrastructural facilities, a good standard of living, and accepts varied cultures. A person who completes all the requirements per the visa criteria will be eligible to get the visiting visa and travel to the country.

Stages to Apply for the Tourist Visa

  • Fill up the visit visa application form downloaded from the official site with the correct details in your passport.
  • Pay for the application online and keep the receipt for proof of the payment made with yourself.
  • Book the appointment with the respective authorities at your convenience.
  • Upload all the documents to support your application and show that you have met all the requirements.
  • On the appointment date, visit the centre, produce the necessary documents, and answer their questions.
  • Finally, the authorities will process the application, and you can enjoy the travel to the USA.

Documents Needed to Apply for the Tourist Visa to the USA

  • Filled up application form (DS-160) downloaded from the official site.
  • The applicant must have a correct passport in his name. It should not expire for six months after the stay in the country.
  • He should provide two recently taken passport size colour photographs.
  • Receipt showing that he has paid the application fee.
  • Address the apartment or hotel he has booked to stay in the USA.
  • He must have a valid travel insurance policy in his name.
  • Valid to and return tickets.
  • He must have financial statements stating that he has the required money to stay in the USA.

The Cost to Travel to the USA

  • The application fee for the visa is 587.70 AED.
  • The hotels might cost from 4271 AED to 18365 AED for a month.
  • The flight tickets for economy class may start from 2295 AED.

Top Tourist Places to Visit in the US

  • The Grand Canyon National Park is an excellent place for hiking and is well-known for its scenic beauty.
  • The Maui Beaches is a good place for surfing and is well-known for its red, white, and black sand beaches.
  • The Glacier National Park is ideal for hiking, camping, cycling, and more. In addition, it is well-known for its historic beauty, varieties of wildlife and has a hidden lake.
  • New York City
  • The Zion National Park is famous for its steep red cliffs, emerald pools, hanging garden and waterfalls.
  • Waikiki Beach is a surfing beach with blue waters famous for its aquarium reef exhibition. In addition, the place has easy access to hotels and fashion stores.
  • Kauai is an island covered by the tropical rainforest and surrounded by the blue sea, which gives it the name “The Garden Island”.
  • Lake Tahoe is one of the largest freshwater lakes in the USA. The place is famous for its posh ski resorts and beautiful beaches.

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