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How Double Girder Cranes are Different from Single Girder Cranes?

Cranes have made industrial hoisting and shifting easier to the point that half the job gets done automatically when the material is lifted or moved to the desired end. This equipment has a very complex structure, but the manufacturing is done with such precision that there is nonexistent fear of any injury, failure, or unproductivity. Whether a double girder crane or a single, each overhead crane has a specific job to perform. We will discuss the formation, uses, advantages, and significant differences between standard EOT cranes.

Categories in Overhead Cranes

In general, travelling overhead cranes is divided into two common types.

Travelling Single Girder Overhead Crane

Single bridge cranes have been the most popular equipment for lifting hefty material for a short period to a long one. Having the capacity of hoisting weight of more than 20 tones, these cranes are also economical and considered the most suitable investment as they prove to be durable. Talking about the structure, single girder cranes have one beam, which has extended support from the end truck at either side. The other parts are the hoist hook and trolley, usually in an unhung position. In addition, the bridge can be located either at the top or under the running position.

How Single Girder Cranes Benefits Industrial Work?

  • Single girder cranes provide the extra safety of the hoist brake, eliminating the danger of material or labor force damage.
  • Having the maximum loads’ solution options, single beam cranes provide additional protection if the load exceeds. 
  • This crane has robust troller sides at both sides and does not require external trolley gear for effectiveness.
  • Being the most cost-efficient option in the crane market, single girder EOT offers easy installation, low maintenance and requires minimal speculation check.

Travelling Double Girder Overhead Crane

The engineering of double travelling girder cranes can hoist up to 80 tones and move the loads between two ends with the help of an end truck and beams at both sides. In top double girder cranes, the trolley and hoist are structured on the top of the girder help in efficient and extra-secure movement on a rail. With that, the top running girder crane has increased hook height and room at the overhead position best for might-load applications for extended periods.

How Double Girder Cranes Benefits the Industrial Work?

  • A double beam EOT crane provides an amazing height of the hook, more than a single girder.
  • A double girder is a solution if lifting or carrying hefty-duty material for a longer span is required.
  • Additional options, such as magnetic reels, walkways, and more, greatly benefit productivity.
  • Equally useful for both indoor and outdoor, this bulk material handling equipment is also used in other places such as mining plants, iron enterprises, and commercial ports.

Precise and easy-to-learn design of both travelling girder overhead cranes ensures safe, easy use, and efficient and reliable productivity boost at serving platforms.

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