Five Worth Seeing Places in Australia

Australia has been consistently a top priority for tourists. Not only tourists, but many people go there to study or spend their vacations. If you are also planning to have a tour of this country, the Australia tourist visa Bangalore can provide you with all the details to make your immigration seamless.

5 Worth Seeing Places in Australia

Cast a glance at these places before going to this beautiful region.

1.    Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef holds the first position in exploring the exciting sites in Australia for it is included in the seven wonders of the world. It is a marine park that has a unique ecosystem. There is something new for everyone there.

2.    Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park is among the top 5 worth seeing sites in Australia. In the ranking list of the world’s largest parks, it holds the second position, and it is another thing that makes it more worth seeing the site in Australia. It is located in the Northern Territory with a total covered area of 20,000 km. Kakadu is naturally rich in wildlife diversity containing a massive kind of animals and more than 300 kinds of birds. Visiting this park during the wet season may be disturbing because it can give rise to floods. So visit the place during the dry season.

3.    Harbour Bridge Sydney

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is the center of attention among all the longest bridges in the world.  It is 1650 feet long, and much older as well. It is an arch-shaped bridge made of steel. In the list of its features, there comes a highway, then four railway tracks, and finally two pedestrian paths. It is an attribute that WW-1 started during its construction period, which caused construction to stop for some time. This bridge was officially opened in March 1932.

4.    Twelve Apostles

Another excellent place in Australia that casts a magical wave on its viewers is the Twelve Apostles. The sunset view at Twelve Apostles provides you with a unique facet of nature. It is so picturesque that capturing photographs here is the dream of every photographer. You will be lucky if you get a chance to be there. Many people from different parts of the world visit this site throughout the year.

5.    Fraser Island, Queensland

Fraser Island is the most righteous place to wander in Australia. Covering a length of 123 km and a width of 22 km, it is the largest sandy island in the world. Rainforests, perched lakes, and sand hillocks enhance the beauty of this Island. However, it is dangerous as well. White Sharks can put you in danger while swimming in the sea. Dingoes roam freely on this island which is another element that makes visiting this island a bit risky.

Signing Off:

While exploring the tourist places in Australia, one seems to be lost in its imagination. It becomes more exciting when you consult with someone. Now it has become easier to travel and explore Australia with a tourist visa Bangalore For the complete information, you can contact the consultant now.

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