Factors to Consider While Creating SEO-Friendly Website Designs

Is your website low in terms of traffic? If so, contact the web design agency Dubai today and get the design done following the latest trends in SEO. Designing a website based on the SEO aspects enhances the business’s visibility in the online world. In addition, it helps search engines crawl on your website, causing it to increase the organic traffic to your company’s site, ultimately giving the company better leads and increased profits. 

6 Tips That Helps Enhance the Web Design

Device Friendly

A website is best accepted by the audience only if it is displayed correctly on their devices. Every customer will have different devices. Make sure that website you design is responsive and operatable on these devices.

Readable Text

The text you display on the company website must be easy to read by the audience. It should not be too small, making their eyes painful, must be in presentable form so that they will readily accept that. Therefore, the font, colour, space, text style, everything should be perfect.

Optimized Images

Use images with descriptive filenames and optimized alt tabs, allowing search engines to identify images used in websites correctly. Even though high-quality photos are good to see, they take lots of time to lead. Therefore, make sure that the pictures are small to enhance the loading speed of your websites.


Customers are always in a hurry when they are looking for something, and this is when the navigation tab helps them. So, make sure to add a navigation tab to your website, which allows them to find what they need within no time. 


You should use descriptive URLs while designing a website for your company. It lets the customer know what the content on the website is about. In addition, you may use relevant keywords on the URLs that will help them remember the company site.


You must create your website to include the most relevant keywords inappropriate places, which helps the customers get an idea of what your services or products are and helps search engines crawl more efficiently.

Benefits of Having SEO Friendly Websites

  • Optimizing websites for search engines makes them highly targeted and customer-centric, which helps increase the quality and quantity of website traffic. 
  • SEO is a promotional type that does not stop like SEM when the budget ends. It works 24 hours and promotes the company. The only thing is that you should update the website according to the latest trends.
  • The SEO optimized web pages help bring prospective customers into the company, who may purchase the products leading to increased sales, which allows the company to gain more return on investment.
  • SEO is a tool that helps the company target customers throughout the buying funnel irrespective of the stage in which they are.
  • SEO helps websites reach the top positions, allowing them to improve creditworthiness and trust among the customers.
  • It helps optimize the website to provide an exceptional user experience.

To learn more about user-friendly web designs for your company in Dubai, rely on the SEO expert Dubai.