Australian Tourist Visa for Omani Residents

Subclass 600 is an Australia tourist visa that allows a person holding it to stay in the country temporarily for a short duration. The visa stream is ideal for people planning to enter Australian boundaries during their cruise trips, business visits, or to meet their family and friends. During the ten years of validity, the foreign national can stay in the country for three months every time he enters Australian borders. The usual time needed to process the application is 16 days.

Options Available Under Subclass 600

There are five categories: tourist, family sponsorship, business visit, frequent traveler, and approved destination visit visas, available under the stream. However, only three of them apply to citizens in Oman. They are as follows:


It is a visa type that allows people to travel to Australia to fulfill their business requirements. The reason may be to attend a lecture, training, conference, meeting, or anything related to his business. The stay in the country under the visa category is only permissible for up to three months without any break.


The visa stream allows the person holding it to visit and stay in the country for a time that does not exceed three months. During this period, the person is not allowed to work, study or entertain in any business activities. It is only permissible for people who want to go on a cruise trip, meet their family members and friends, or do any activity other than business or medical-related.

Family Sponsored

It is a visa type that lets a sponsored person stay in the country for three months. The sponsor (family member) must be above 18 years, a PR in the country, and both the sponsor and the person should have a genuine relationship. The category does not allow the person to work or study in Australia.

What are the Requirements

  • To apply for a visitor visa, the person must provide a photocopy of his valid Omani passport. The passport must have at least two blank pages and must have an expiry date three months after the travel.
  • A filled up online application form with the correct details. You can download it from the official site or visit your nearest visa application center.
  • You will also need passport size photographs. Make sure that the photos are not older than six months.
  • Copy of the national identification card of Oman. It must show both sides correctly.
  • If you are applying for a family-sponsor visa, you will be asked for an invitation letter from your sponsor. Also, you must provide the documents stating the relationship between you and the sponsor.
  • You must also provide proof that you have enough money to visit Australia, stay there, and come back to your home country.
  • Also, the authorities will ask for proof stating that you will return back to Oman. The document can be an employer letter, school ID, etc.
  • Proof of the round travel reservation that you have booked in your name.
  • Health documents showcase that the person is physically and mentally fit to travel to the country.

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